Native Instruments Komplete 9

The Native Instruments Komplete 9 is a complete package of virtual instruments software that can help you enhance your work in creating a beautiful sounds and that studio quality effects as it contains over 12,000 premium sounds and has over 120GB of samples that you can use or choose from.

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Happy Birthday Papa

UntitledA quick greetings for my Papa. Happy happy birthday to you Papa Iking! We wish you good health always and see you very soon. Can’t wait to see you with your 3 apo’s here. Please don’t worry about Mama too much, we’ll make sure she’s gonna be okay while waiting to join us here one day. Abigail, Abrielle and Arielle are so excited to see you and spend time with you. We love you very much!

My New Bestfriend

Having a new baby completely changed our routine. Before we could simply do pretty much anything without worrying of waking up a baby. Now even sitting here in my computer desk bother the baby sometimes as we have to put her crib in our until we can move to a bigger place.

Thanks to my new best-friend, my “Headphones” that helps me tremendously. I could watch news, videos and play music without disrupting my baby’s sleep. For great selections of top-rated headphones, click here. Whatever your favorite brands is from Bose, Sony, Shure, AKG, they all have it so go and check it yourself.

Growing Bigger

DSC04261My doll is surely growing bigger each day. She’s only 25 weeks old and she can already rollover, crawl, reach and pulled her toys hanging on top of  her swing, which makes her 5 year old sister giggle and laugh. Oh she is fun to watch at as she have develop and learn new things in a small span of time.

Truck For Papa

Soon, my father will be here and we will be needing an additional vehicle for him to drive. Am sure he would love to own a truck, which is actually ideal for us. It just nice to have a good transportation in case we need to buy or move stuff that needs bigger vehicle.

Good thing Papa knows about cars and trucks. He could simply clean, maintain and replace parts that’s needed to be replace such as brakes, lights, battery, truck exhaust etc. It’s good to have a handyman in the family as vehicle maintenance is very pricey. Parts itself can cost you a lot money so if you add labor it will be tons of money to fix even the simplest auto repair.

Mother Of Two

Life has been crazy lately having just had a baby and a five year old who also needs mommy and who’s have the biggest adjustments ever being the only child for so long.

But knowing my big girl, she’s been the most big helper to mommy and is so loving to her little sister. She sure is excited having her little sister and been being so understanding. Although there are days she also wants mommy’s attention.

So glad that baby is getting bigger and things are a little better. Both of them enjoy each other and love one another. I am such a lucky mom indeed.

Administrative Lawyer

There are so many things to learn when you are new to business world. But one of the most important thing that needed an immediate attentions are legal matters. You don’t want to mess up with the goverments. Hire an administrative lawyer who can help you understand regarding goverment rules and regulations that you need to comply in order to avoid penalties and other legal troubles.

An administrative attorney can help you in resolving any administrative issues you are having trouble with.