AC Repair

In just a couple of months, summer will be here. And now is the perfect time to get things ready for blazing hot summer. Make sure your AC is in good condition and working great for the hot season.

Search online if you don’t know how to clean/fix your own AC or click this link to find ac repair in Raleigh nc.

Summer is just one of the things I dislike about living here in Texas. Good thing There’s AC not only at home and offices but also on cars. Thanks goodness!

Morning Routine

My sweethearts morning routine. Ate usually wakes up first before the baby but as soon as the baby wakes up, my eldest will come charging to the bedroom and give her baby sister hugs and kiss, lots of them.

As soon as mommy gets the baby, I bring her out to the living room and put her down beside her Ate on the floor then changed her diaper while the Ate is talking and playing with her.

House Cleaning

As we all know, Life in America isn’t easy. People are busy working in order to pay bills and afford the life style they have.

So getting a chance to free up some time to spend quality time with your family is essential. Instead of putting hours cleaning your house, look for a raleigh house cleaning company that could do the cleaning for you so you could use your time bonding with the family as kids grows up fast. Before you know it, they’ll be all grown…busy in college or have family of their own so always find time for your family.

Love From A 4 Year Old

I have such a mixed emotion listening to my 4 year old daughter. For 5 years it’s been always me and her so having a new baby is such a big change for all of us especially for my first born. Few days/weeks ago, out of nowhere she came to me and hugged me telling me she loves me so much even when I’m busy and have no more time with her and that she understand the baby needs me and that I am still trying to recover.

I was aching upon hearing my sweet and loving child. It melt my heart, I know its a lot for her especially on my first weeks since giving birth. I wish I wasn’t in pain so I could just sleep with her and do stuff with her but it was difficult for me to move around.

And now that it’s been a month and pain free, I’m trying to do some stuff with her even just as little as sitting with her watching her movie or sleeping with her while baby is asleep.
Hope things will be better for us…

Three Weeks Later

Time flies so fast our new born baby girl is now 3 weeks old. Wow it has been that long already since I gave birth. I am recovering good and she’s growing each day. All she has been doing was and still is, sleeping, eating and pooping all day.

The big sister on the other hand is a big help to mommy and daddy. She play with her, kiss her, helps getting diaper, etc. and feeding the baby as well.

Fashion Jewelry Stores

When it comes to jewelries, I try to shop cheap as I felt bad buying expensive stuff and end up losing it. Better safe than sorry as you just don’t know what and when it’s going to happen especially when you have kids with you most of the time.

But buying cheap doesn’t mean ugly. You can buy beautiful yet affordable jewelries that you can use on casual and even formal occasions. Check out this online fashion jewelry stores that offers a wide variety of fashion jewelries from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and more!