Truck For Papa

Soon, my father will be here and we will be needing an additional vehicle for him to drive. Am sure he would love to own a truck, which is actually ideal for us. It just nice to have a good transportation in case we need to buy or move stuff that needs bigger vehicle.

Good thing Papa knows about cars and trucks. He could simply clean, maintain and replace parts that’s needed to be replace such as brakes, lights, battery, truck exhaust etc. It’s good to have a handyman in the family as vehicle maintenance is very pricey. Parts itself can cost you a lot money so if you add labor it will be tons of money to fix even the simplest auto repair.

Mother Of Two

Life has been crazy lately having just had a baby and a five year old who also needs mommy and who’s have the biggest adjustments ever being the only child for so long.

But knowing my big girl, she’s been the most big helper to mommy and is so loving to her little sister. She sure is excited having her little sister and been being so understanding. Although there are days she also wants mommy’s attention.

So glad that baby is getting bigger and things are a little better. Both of them enjoy each other and love one another. I am such a lucky mom indeed.

Administrative Lawyer

There are so many things to learn when you are new to business world. But one of the most important thing that needed an immediate attentions are legal matters. You don’t want to mess up with the goverments. Hire an administrative lawyer who can help you understand regarding goverment rules and regulations that you need to comply in order to avoid penalties and other legal troubles.

An administrative attorney can help you in resolving any administrative issues you are having trouble with.

4 Months Old

Happy 4 months old to our baby Arielle. I love every moment I have with you and I am happy to witness you with your Ate, how sweet you two to each other. Such a lovely feeling to be a mom to two sweet babies of mine.

Baby Arielle, you sure are growing so fast my love. Mommy’s trying my best to spend time with you and your Ate as I will sure miss both of you as you two are growing like weeds. I love you both so dearly.

Birthday Wish

I have two beautiful children and a sister who lives close so all I really want right now is to have my parents with us here in USA. I haven’t seen them for almost 6 years now so I hope thos year we will be able to spend time with them especially my kids who have never personallly seen their grandparents, thanks to internet for giving us the chance to communicate more often.

AC Repair

In just a couple of months, summer will be here. And now is the perfect time to get things ready for blazing hot summer. Make sure your AC is in good condition and working great for the hot season.

Search online if you don’t know how to clean/fix your own AC or click this link to find ac repair in Raleigh nc.

Summer is just one of the things I dislike about living here in Texas. Good thing There’s AC not only at home and offices but also on cars. Thanks goodness!